Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rainy Season, Rutted Roads, and a Root Canal

It's official: Rainy Season is here! The heavens poured forth rain for a good four hours this afternoon. Everything is so gorgeously green right now. I don't know if the trees necessarily got any greener, but at least they got all the dust washed off so they look really green now.

Lily enjoyed the first few drops of rain. Temperatures dropped 20-30 degrees F.

Bayo had a blood test done this morning. Result: typhoid. He immediately started taking an antibiotic for that. He has also had some tooth pain and sinus pain. We contacted our dentist via email. He told us to come on out, and he would see if he could figure out the problem. It's about an hour's drive to the dentist. I decided that we'd all go because Bayo was really in no condition to drive himself. I had the camera along so I asked Bayo to take a few shots here and there.

The dental clinic is run by a missionary dentist in a village outside of Jos. About 10 years ago the road was newly tarred, and it only took about 30 minutes to get there. The road has basically disintegrated now. I wasn't just hitting potholes; I was entering swimming pools!

I finally decided to drive like the locals: abandon what used to be the main road and drive on the dirt track on the side of the road. It's much faster!

There are many beautiful rock formations in the countryside.

Remember, this used to be a tarred road!

As we came back to Jos, we took photos so you can see that our city roads are actually quite good. This road leads into Jos.

This is one of our major roads through town.

This is a street in a residential part of town.

Bayo does have a sinus infection and will need to be treated for that along with the typhoid. The dentist also discovered that one of his front teeth is dead. Bayo was hit by a motorcycle many years ago, and the injury probably happened then. He will need a root canal.


Sandi said...
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Sandi said...

Sorry to hear about Bayo's troubles. Hope it all gets resolved quickly. Give him our best.

Looks like the roads and the rain have created quite a driving hazard, but what a relief the rain must be.

Your new blog layout looks great and we enjoyed the stories about the waffles and syrup. You have to have lots of determination just to keep food on the table at your house. We get so spoiled here. So when you come for a visit, we'll spoil you some more.

Emily said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear about Bayo. We'll be praying for him!

Josh said...

Tell Bayo, we hope he feels better soon. I'm impressed with your efforts at breakfast. Actually I'm inspired - for a week now we've been on a quest to clean out our freezers. Our meals aren't difficult to make, but they are, um, interesting.