Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Hedgehog, aka The Idiot

Much to our boys' delight, the guard showed them a hedgehog that he found in the yard this morning. They are completely enthralled with this little creature.

When I picked David up from preschool at noon, all he could talk about was the hedgehog. I told him, "I even forgot about that little guy."

David said, "Well, I've been thinking about him ALL morning.

Most of the time the hedgehog stays tucked into a little ball. The boys are discovering how to see more of his body though. They leave him in an open area and walk away. After about five minutes, he pokes his head out and scurries quickly away on four miniscule legs.
For some reason, the local name for a hedgehog is 'idiot.' I heard that for the first time today and can only imagine that the little guy is thought to be stupid, perhaps because of how he buries his head in his body.

Tobi just informed me that the hedgehog is going to sleep in his top bunk tonight. I promptly informed him of just the opposite.

Unfortunately the hedgehog disappeared just before supper. I think the kids had left him alone while trying to get him to move, and he took the opportunity to run off.

Come to think of it, this little hedgehog is anything but an idiot. Clever creature is more like it.

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Sandi said...

You had quite the experiences on April Fool's Day! Fun to see the boys and their temporary friend. Hope they weren't too distressed that he disappeared.