Thursday, April 2, 2009

Colorado Visitors

We have recently enjoyed having some Colorado visitors here in Jos. A group from Lakewood/Denver has come for the past five years. A physician from Loveland is also here in Jos now. They all came with other organizations, but they paid visits to us which we always enjoy.
As a gesture of love, the Colorado ladies washed our women's feet, applied lotion, and then painted their toenails. Our women love being pampered; it's not a usual occurrence for them. The first year the Colorado ladies washed the feet of our HIV+ women, our women were amazed. Why? Because for so long they had felt untouchable, and now someone was actually touching them and caring for them in a loving way.

Even Fatima was going to get her toenails painted, but when we came to her room, she was in too much pain. She has an incredible pain in her stomach that won't allow her to rest. Part of it might be due to the strong drugs she is taking.
Painting toenails was definitely not for the guys so they played with the five children who attend school right on the Bezer Home compound. The kids had a longer recess than usual, but that's o.k. They love having visitors who interact with them.

One evening we had a picnic together on the rocky landscape behind Bezer Home. We started by shooting water balloons with a 3-man slingshot (sorry, didn't get a picture). Later we ate and just hiked around. It's so great to get out of the city and just hang out in natural surroundings for awhile.
Thanks Colorado friends for blessing us!

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