Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good-Bye to Dry Season Beauty

Actually, I'm not a bit sad to see dry season go. The rains are extremely welcome. I can finally really get my house clean now that the dust will no longer be a constant presence. The only thing I will miss are all of these beautiful colors which were so vibrant in the month of March.
This is the archway to our home.
I've shown this tree before, but the blossoms became even more beautiful at the very end of dry season.
Lily and David in front of a bouganvillea hedge.
I think this is bouganvillea too. I love that deep cerise color. I just learned the word 'cerise' a year ago when a customer from the United Kingdom (UK) ordered a quilt with cerise pink.
This last photo was taken by Elizabeth Dunning of Colorado. The frangipani trees can blossom in white, peach, yellow, and pink. The flowers have a very sweet aroma.


conniez said...

Those are great photos. It is still cold here - I think I have been cold since Nov. I love your blog - it is a great way to keep up with you!

PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

Love the photos. Our snow is melting. Are you jealous?

Sometime could you explain the difference between where you live and where the Women of Hope activities take place? I'm confused if you live where the work takes place.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary Beth,
Nice web site!!
John and I are home for 4 weeks now.
Just reading the E Pray and Sheila's blog. We met her in Abudja on our way to Jos on Jan.21st and you the next day in Jos.
Our fam. and friends love love all the quilting by the Women of Hope.
Today first day of spring!! 17 C.

Mary Beth said...

Hi PS, It takes about 10 minutes to drive from our home to the ministry center. I've always felt it's good to maintain some boundaries between ministry and home. I think it helps to prevent burnout in the long run.