Friday, April 3, 2009

This One's for Grandma

While we were hanging out at another compound waiting for some people, David tried out the trampoline. He has only been on a trampoline a few times in his life. I was trying to teach him how to do a continuous jump, sit, and stand on the trampoline. I turned my back for a second and then noticed he was doing front flips. He never did do the simple exercise I asked him to do.

This is one of my challenges with raising boys: how much do I encourage these kinds of things? I know I should just put my fears to rest, pray hard, and stock up on butterfly bandages!


PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

My kids are all out of the nest and I still have problems with this. The only time I was at a ski hill with my son, I wouldn't even watch.

Now the biggest challenges have a different tone: he calls me with some grand scheme. He tells me. I tell him my reaction: pros and cons. There are always things he hasn't thought about that are really important. He considers them. I give advice. He calls me always negative, even though I am supportive of the general idea, just that he needs more input from people with more knowledge. He hangs up frustrated with my "negativity." I hang up emotionally drained because I always want the best for him. Being a caring mother never stops.

Josh said...

I bet Bayo thinks it's cool. Post a video when he does back flips!

Sandi said...

I had posted a comment about David's prowess a couple days ago, but it never showed up. I must not be pushing the right series of buttons.

Anyway, Yeah for David! I remember seeing him at 18 months doing flips from a little stool beside his playpen INTO the playpen. Tobi would help him get out so that he could do it over and over and over! He's a natural gymnast, and he has no fear!

PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

"he has not fear"...That's the scary part.