Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Looking for Work

Two weeks ago a woman came to Bezer Home to enquire about employment. She has a diploma from a Teachers' College and a degree in Language Arts from the University.

We had not been looking for a teacher, so I gently explained to her that we currently have one teacher for our six students, and we're not looking to employ another teacher right now.

She then said she's looking for any type of job. It doesn't need to be as a teacher. She said she's been working as a teacher until very recently, but that her job is on the other side of town from where she lives. By my estimation, she spends about half of her monthly salary on taxi fares just to get to and from work. She is left with about $30 in the end.

I still let her know that we don't have any openings right now. Her next plea was: Please create a job for me.

Times are tough all over. For the most part, times are always tough in Nigeria. The recent worldwide economic downturn has not hit Nigeria as hard as it has other countries. Bayo says, "We're used to things always being tough here. We already know how to squeeze our money to the last drop." The only noticeable change here is that food prices have gone up.

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PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

My son is unemployed, again. He'll be moving is a few months, so that puts a damper on the energy needed to look for a good job.