Thursday, April 16, 2009

Comparing Apples & Oranges

The naira equivalent of $1 will buy 2 apples or 12 oranges. Guess what the kids ate first? The apples, of course, because I hardly ever buy them.

Here's our list of the fruit we're excited to eat in the U.S. this summer:
grapes, grapes, grapes (red & green)
apples (any variety)
dried apricots
canned peaches
canned pears

I will NOT buy:

I will buy oranges just because I want to show the kids that it is possible to peel some types of oranges. Our oranges in Nigeria are impossible to peel and divide into sections.

My mouth is watering right now just thinking about the different options we'll soon have for fruit.


Josh said...

We have fruit here? I thought our only food groups were carbs, grease, sugar, and fast food. What are your unhealthy American cravings?

UcheSarah said...

We just got back to the States from the Philippines and I'm so ready for plums and peaches!! I'm missing the mangos, though. I guess I'll have to wait for heaven to get them all at the same time!

PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

Grocery store peaches? Are they even real fruit? But the good oranges come from Colorado in very late summer.

My mom's family grew up with Florida oranges, which are more for juice and are of a type that didn't peel either. But the thick skinned oranges of California do peel. That's what we get in the stores, mainly.